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What I Am Looking For Within My Vintage Streetwear Clothing Brand.


I have consistently said the manner in which I pick my vintage is three ways; Fit, nostalgia, colour way.

Over the course of the following weeks that approach, I got my eye on a couple of explicit styles that will manage the substance and energy of each drop.

- Black/stonewashed & Off White base NASCAR Tees 

The NASCAR scene just hits different, the big, colourful graphics with the vintage washed feel and vibe is what im chasing!

They are the vibe to screw around on a day to day basis which i just love.

Importantly fit first, then, at that point pursue the huge realistic prints and colours.

- Original 90s NBA

The FutvreThreds staple.

Purchasing up Saleem, Nutmeg and abit of Lee lately, chasing those bigger sizes XL, XXL, the oversized streetwear style is what i am striving for.

You cant go past a well presented 90s sports kit, the streetwear style of these turns heads and gets people asking questions.

- Big, BIG retro crewnecks

The more irregular the brand/print, the better.

I love vintage sports crewnecks, NFL/NBA explicitly. However as of late the original Nike & Adidas spell out crewnecks have been what im chasing, the ORIGINALS i feel are highly slept on due to the cost of getting them. My goal is to get a high volume of these in and sell at a reasonable price so more of the streetwear community can get there hands on some.

Something nostalgic that no one else will have. Is what im chasing!!

- Clean, Faded Harley Tees

The more faded the better! Nice clean 90s graphics are hard to come by these days. Trying to find those 1 in a million harley tees are becoming harder and harder to come by. 

Graphics outside of the box will ultimately differentiate futvrethreds from the rest. 

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